Latest Moorabbin Memories

 "Pretending not to be able to find the ball in the cemetary behind the Oakleigh ground. It was a grand final and we had a first innings lead. Lots of jokes about 'dead balls'."

- Pat Grant, 14th March 2014

"Just wanted to say thankyou to all at the Moorabbin Cricket Club for welcoming me with open arms for the last couple of games. Can not say how much I enjoyed my time down there. I'm sure I'll be down again next season sometime to see everyone soon!"

- Jack Taylor, 11th March 2014

"My Memories and achievements is being apart of a great club and being with the super League team know when ever it's training or game day when I see all the boys in there uniform we know that where going what ever it takes to make the club proud and very lucky for all the boys helps out and Teach us new things and has very grateful that frog and frys give up there Sunday to come helps us and know it does not matter what disability or how old you are you are every is welcome at the club and just one big family down at the club and for me frog and fry and all the boys have show things me and cause of that I made the Victoria vikings side and I thank you all for your help and will all ways true to club I love being at. Thank you all again for help with super League and ten over tonk."

- Rodney Pettitt, 6th March 2014

"Being able to help Coach the All Abilities with Frogy & Andrew Fry.
Also when we train or game day i know that we will all have fun and try our best. And to make the club proud. i feel privilaged that some of the boys from the Seniors help out and Teach us new things and is grateful that they give up there Sunday to come help us. I'm glad that everyone is welcome at the club and is one big happy family down at the club. My biggest Accomplishment is that i helped a few guys to improve their skills from last season with the help from fryz. 
Im glad that Daniel Carpenter got the chance to try out for the Victorian Vikings, hes improved heaps. And also on different note. Sub Fielding in Fryzy team."

- Shaun Dux, 6th March 2014

"My first year
at Moorabbin. We were playing at EE Gunn Reserve with Jemma playing in the 4's, coming back from injury. The game was tight with the result in dependant on the last over. 1 wicket in hand for Kingston, 2 runs needed to win. I was keeping and every other player was also behind the batsman, hoping no edge would come their way. Luckily was the middle stump that went cart wheeling from Jemma and we win!"

- Stuart Gray, 1st March 2014